Don't kill your ideas just because they seem impossible today…

…actually an idea that seems impossible to execute today, can be the best idea you ever had. Think about it this way, five years ago Facebook did not exist, neither did YouTube nor Twitter.

If you see it from a different angle, if your idea is 100% executable today, then maybe you are too late.

Jawed Karim (27),  Chad Hurley (29) and Steve Chen (28) co-founded YouTube in Feb. 2005 and sold it to Google in Nov. 2006 for about $1.7 billion.

Let you creativity fly, take daily events and interactions with others as inspiration. You might end up with a very successful small business or with an innovation that changes the history of humanity.

For example, Karim, who appears on YouTube’s 1st uploaded video in history, says his idea for what became YouTube sprang from two very different events in 2004: Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction,” during a Super Bowl show, and the Asian tsunami.


This said, today, the “it is never too late” saying loses importance facing the challenges of the digital explosion. Today we should think of a new saying for our generation, “never to early”.


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  1. WOW just congratulations! 1.7billion dollars: the rest of your life is finished, youve reached the goal of foreverness

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