Get your WordPress site a Favicon

If you want an extra personal touch to your website you should consider adding a Favicon. A favi what?…

An image speaks more than a thousand words, so this is how a Favicon looks like:

They also show up in your bookmarked sites, on the tabs in tabbed browsers, and as the icon for Internet shortcuts on your desktop.

This is how Wikipedia defines a Favicon:

favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a website iconshortcut iconURL icon, or bookmark iconis a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.[1] A web designer can create such an icon and install it into a website (or webpage) by several means, and most graphical web browsers will then make use of it. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a page’s favicon next to the page’s title on the tab. Some programs allow the user to select an icon of his own from the hard drive and associate it with a website.

How to add a Favicon to your WordPress website?

One easy way to add identity to your website or blog is by simply adding the following code in your functions.php

// add a favicon to your
function blog_favicon() {
echo ‘<link rel=”Shortcut Icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”‘.get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’).’/favicon.ico” />’;
add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘blog_favicon’);

How to create your ICO File?

You can create ICO files by adding a plugin to Photoshop, but the easiest way is to create online in HTMLkits or

Once you have created and downloaded your .ico file, just upload it in the root folder where the blog is uploaded. You can also modify the file destination if you like.

Good luck!

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