iPad: Less Is More

I certainly respect all the people writing reviews on the iPad, they have made a great job comparing features, prices, etc. All the possible variables a tech savvy consumer would look at.

However, my hyphotesis, is that none of the people writing this pro reviews is part of Apple’s target for the iPad. iPad has entered the market to create a new category of user.

iPad will play a similar role to the one Wii played for Nintendo in the video games market. Obviously, if you had given a Wii to gamer, the review would have been awful. But who was Nintendo targeting with Wii? No-gamers, people who thought PS and Xbox controllers were for astronauts. In the case of iPad, Apple will aim to attract a wider audience to their brand. This based on two key benefits: (i) intuitive use and (ii) versatility.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

These two benefits will make iPad and its future generations, a home device, similar to what a TV-set was back in the 60s. My prediction is that soon, there will be many iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones per household. Grandma will use it as a cooking book and scrapbook. Mom will use it to read her favorite books, keep family photo albums and stay in touch with work. Dad will use it to read the morning news in the newspaper and to watch movies. Toddlers will use it to read their books and to play memory games. Teens will use it for school and keep in touch with their friends. Sky is the limit. The beauty of the iPad technology is in its simplicity.

Contrary to what tech savvy consumers believe, and I include myself in this category, sometimes “less is more”.

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    1. …and the guys who come up with a childproof case/skin for this one, are going to make some good business, too.
      Thanks for your comment Pacho 😉

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