Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns: Knorr

Mobile phones are allowing marketers around the world to take a step closer to consumers by making it possible to reach consumers at what I call “the moment of need”. The moment of need is pretty self-explanatory, is being there when the consumer needs the brands, either to use it or to request information related to the category.

When exploring successful mobile campaigns I found a video about Knorr’s mobile campaign “What’s for dinner tonight?”, which is a Mobile Recipe Book campaign in Brazil and immediately downloaded the app in my iPod Touch.  What is the great thing about this campaign. Well, there are a few things I particularly liked:

  • This campaign was designed for a market where smartphones and regular phones coexist, then consumers could be part of the campaign from several kinds of phones, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive models. The obvious but big learning here is: Ask yourself what kind of phone do your consumers (mostly) use?
  • Given Brazil is still a 80% pre-paid market (consumers pre-paid their minutes), the campaign needed to address the barrier “I don’t want to spend my cell phone minutes in your campaign”. Therefore, Knorr create a tool that can be used totally offline.
  • Importantly, the recipe book is organized by: Ingredients, occasions, cost, calories. From a user point of view, this organization of the data is great as it reflects consumer decisions-tree when deciding what to cook.
  • Content and recipes are shareable via Social Media from the application, encouraging WOM amongst housewives.


After participating in this campaign, I found it very appealing as the recipe book was full of nice pictures and organized in a very friendly design. Additionally, after reviewing the categories, found additional opportunities for other mobile campaign related to the non-profit field, such us food banks (what can you cook with what the ingredients we are giving you?) and food stamps (what can you cook with $5.00).

Literally, food for thought.

– Toni Del Rio

VIDEO: Knorr’s “What’s For Dinner Campaign?”

One thought on “Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns: Knorr”

  1. Interesting app!
    What was the call-to-action? I mean, where did they tell you how to get the app on your device?
    Does it make sense that this is a mobile app? Do you need this while your out or would it be just as valuable as a web site that could then send shopping lists to your phone? Don’t you look up recipes *before* you get to the store?

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