What’s so cool about Pinterest?

This is what I think is very cool about Pinterest. But before answer this question, have you ever said something along the lines “hey, can you send me the link?” or “sure, I’ll send you the link”. Well, Pinterest builds on the simple idea of sharing your favorite stuff through links. The fun (very smart of the Pinterest guys) is that these links are shared in a very cool visual interface. So if you are interest in sharing your “LIKES” with your friends or the rest of the world, go to Pinterest.com.

At this moment you can request and invite, which takes a few days, if you don’t want to wait, just send me your E-MAIL as a comment to this blog post and I will be happy to invite you.

Can’t wait to see the mobile/iPad app!!!


8 thoughts on “What’s so cool about Pinterest?”

  1. Hello Toni,

    Found your blog post via Twitter. I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Pinterest. Been looking to give it a go, but have yet to receive my invite.

    If you are willing to share an invite, I would be most grateful.

  2. Would love to get an invite… I am interested to see which markets this social sharing tool will affect the most.
    Thanks for the blog post! Always great to hear opinions of user experience.

  3. Hi Toni, thanks so much for this post. I emailed you privately a few months ago from my email, if you have any invites you may be able to extend to me then thanks again!

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