Fire TV Hack: How to stream Comcast Xfinity cable in your FireTV?

Update Mar. 2017

Hi y’all –

Thanks everyone for your comments/questions to this post. From reading all your comments I gather we are finding two main issues:

a. Comcast App is no longer working: So sounds like our friends at Comcast updated their mobile app in a way that makes the FireTV crash and exit the app without even loading. Apparently the Xfinity TV Go app has been replaced with a new app called XfinityStream. I’ve tried multiple versions of the new XfinityStream app, all of them crashed. However the Xfinity TV seems to work sometime, give it a shot. You can download the apk in this link. I got as far as this screen and then kaput!

However there is an…

Alternative (not-kinda-lame) Solution, but simpler!

Since this post was initially written, TV providers have improved their individual apps (a lot). So, while we figure out how to hack the FireTV to support the Comcast app, you can download the following apps (some of them even support Live TV!), which can be downloaded directly from your FireTV:

ABC (Full episodes + Live TV): Download app here – You can watch American Crime, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Modern Family, etc.

NBC (Full episodes + Live TV): Download app here – You can watch Dateline, SNL, Superstore, Chicago Fire, Shade of Blue, etc.

CBS (Full episodes + Live TV): Download app here

CNNgo (Live): Download app here

b. Sideloading – For those who would like to keep trying installing different versions of the Xfinity app. Sounds like Jocala sideloader is not working for some of you. If that is the case & you are using a mac, you can try the following. Go to Terminal (for those who don’t know what this is, spotlight search in the top right of your screen: Terminal, you’ll see an icon with a black developer-ish looking screen) and do this magic:

Step 1: Install Homebrew, to do so in Terminal enter the following (copy paste):

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Step 2: Install adb. In Terminal enter:

brew install android-platform-tools

Step 3: Start using adb. In Terminal connect to your FireTV via WiFi, for that you need your FireTV IP:

adb connect 192.168.1.XX 

Now your computer and your FireTV have a bridge to communicate and you can sideload any app (install apk file from your computer to your firetv or firetv stick). To do so, enter in terminal

adb install [drag file from Finder here and it will paste the path]



UPDATE 1: The new Fire TV ($99) supports 4K.

UPDATE 2: If you have problems using adfFire to sideload from your PC. Try other options for sideloading. AdfFire was what worked for me when I went through this process.


Fire TV ($99) and Fire Stick ($39) work on an Android platform, so certain Android tablet/phone apps work on the Fire TV. These apps are not designed for the Fire TV, therefore they are not perfect, but they are functional. These are the steps I followed to the Comcast Xfinity TV To Go app to work on my Fire Stick, so that I could watch cable from it.
Note: Two things you need to do this: a) a Comcast account, that is you must have cable at home or have a friend give you their credentials, b) get a paid app – since the Comcast app is designed for a touchscreen, you will need a remote mouse (different from Fire TV remote app) to enter your credential, I did quite a bit of research to find such app for free, but didn’t find it, so I just paid the $2.98 for the remote mouse app (info below).

Steps:CNN Fire TV

  1. Download adbFire (from the Jocala site) to your PC/laptop This software allows you to connect your PC to your Fire TV through your wifi connection and install apps from an APK file (APK file is the raw file of any app) directly into your Fire TV (rather than the Amazon App Store). This is called “sideload” apps.
  2. In your laptop, download the APK file for the Comcast Xfinity TV To Go app. You can google this to find the latest version, or use the APK file I used on May 23, 2015. Link to APK file I used (Dropbox).
  3. Now you got the APK file in your laptop and the software to install it on your Fire TV. In order to do this you need to change a couple of settings in your Fire TV. In your Fire TV, go to Settings > System > Developer Options and turn ON the two available settings: (i) ADB debugging and (ii) Apps from Unknown Source.
  4. Write down the IP number of your Fire TV connection. Go to Settings > System > About > Network. There you will find your IP address. Write this down.
  5. In your laptop, open adbFire. Enter your Fire TV IP address and hit connect. Now click on “Install APK”, find the APK file in your laptop and hit install. A progress bar at the bottom of the adbFire window will show you when installation is completed.
  6. Now the Comcast Xfinity TV To Go app is in your Fire TV. To open it go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Find the Comcast App and hit “Launch Application”

Tadahh! Except that since it is an Android App and it is designed to be used on a touch screen and your TV is not a touch screen, you won’t be able to enter your Comcast user and password. Now you will need the remote mouse app to get a mouse pointer in your TV and enter your credentials. Follow these two extra steps:

  1. This is the app I used, Remote Mouse for Fire TV. You need to get it installed on your Fire TV and on your phone, so those two can talk to each other. App for Fire TV $1.99, iPhone app $0.99. Total $2.98!
  2. With the mouse remote app enter your Comcast credentials and voila!

Another option is to get a real wireless mouse and plug it in your FireTV box (this option is not available for FireStick as there is not US input). One low cost alternative the AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver.

If you find any workarounds let me know in the comments section.



121 thoughts on “Fire TV Hack: How to stream Comcast Xfinity cable in your FireTV?”

      1. Hey Toni, I followed your great article to cut out a few cable boxes from my account. However I’m not able to scroll through the guide. Is it possible?

    1. is there anyway to install a comcast program into an amazon fire stick with no p.c? i’ve been unsucessfull with programing from the computer to the stick. i can’t seem to establish the abd link so that computer and fire stick could talk to each other. but i can program a fire stick with no P.C. So i am asking is there way to program comcast programing with no P.C. on a amazon fire stick?

      1. Hey Spencer… so the only way (that I know of) to install Android apps (not FireTV apps) in a FireTV or Stick is by sideloading, which by definition is using another device to install software in a device that is not compatible. You can download a whole bunch of other apps in the FireTV, however Comcast does not offer one 🙁

        Maybe try researching other sideload methods. Jocala is only one of the softwares that allows you to sideload.

        Good luck!

      2. AGK FIRE sideloader works for me. It will take an app from my tablet and load it on my aftv without a pc. Think i paid a couple of bucks for it on the play store.

      3. if I did it , you can do it…. just put the ip address in, and click connect, and have the other apk file downloaded, then click install apk, and it starts installing,,,,, follow the rest of the instructions, and it installs,,,, but I cant sign in,,, now I have to get the other remote app,,, don’t know why my fire remote wont work….

  1. I have a better question: if you have a cmcast x 1 system, you can get all (every one) of your channels with the xfnity app on your mobile device. I’m guessing this process works for that app as well? (not the go app, but the other one)

  2. Thanks for posting this.

    With the new Amazon Fire 4K (2015), I was able to simply plug a USB mouse in and get my credentials entered.

    1. Nice! Actually finding the mouse app and paying for it was the only pain point in the process, otherwise it is pretty straightforward.

    2. do you plug the mouse to the tv? I was using a laptop with the mouse touch….. if I can sign in,,, will the app work with the fire remote that came with the fire stick….

    1. Since it’s designed for a touch screen, unless the monitor you are using is touchscreen, the experience is not optimal, but usable. You will need to install a mouse app in your phone to operate the app. I suggested one in the post.

  3. Thanks. This worked great!!
    Note that I was only able to install the remote app on my Android by installing Amazon Underground first. Also, searching for the mouse on Amazon somehow didn’t work, so I had to use your link to find it.

    1. Cool! yeah I did it for iPhone, steps might be a bit different from android. What mouse app did you use for Android? Thanks!

  4. Hey this doesn’t work any more…… I keep getting
    We’re sorry, but this content is not playable on this device.

    Any ideas on how to get this to work? I don’t want to go out and buy a Slingbox.

  5. I find the app very hard to navigate I can see everything that’s there I just can’t move anything around to get to where I want to be what do I use to move around within the app

    1. You definitely need the mouse app to use the app on firetv, if you have an iphone try the app I mentioned in the post, on android seems like there is a free app.

  6. I followed all the steps, including dl the remote mouse on both FireTV and my phone. Xfinity Go is installed on fire tv and when I get to the sign-up screen, the mouse moves around but doesn’t actually do anything. I cant type login info. The mouse works on the other screens of fire tv. Help 🙁

  7. Thanks for publishing this, worked perfectly with 1st Gen Firestick – Xfinity app runs great. Used a BT mouse and keyboard I had lying around (you’ll need settings.apk also if you want to do that), so cannot speak to the mouse app.

    Now have to find how to get a link in the main FireTV UI, or change the launcher completely.

  8. I was able to get Xfinity TV Go loaded on a brand new Fire TV. Thanks for the guide.

    I downloaded the remote mouse app for the fire tv as well as the android app mentioned above by Brian. This method isn’t working.. I’m unable to enter my Xfinity credentials.

    I also tried hooking up a wireless mouse and a standard wired mouse. This method isn’t working either.

    I tried a wireless keyboard and a standard wired keyboard. Not working…

    Any ideas before I go out and buy a BT mouse?


    1. Did you try the remote app I mentioned?

      “This is the app I used, Remote Mouse for Fire TV. You need to get it installed on your Fire TV and on your phone, so those two can talk to each other. App for Fire TV $1.99, iPhone app $0.99. Total $2.98!”

  9. I tried the xfinity app on a Fire Stick and got frustrated with the remote control app.

    Just purchased a Fire TV and upgraded to 5.0.4. The Fire TV has a USB interface and I connected a bluetooth mouse. Much easier than the remote control mouse apps. Plus 5.0.4 allows sideloaded apps to show in the ‘my app’ list. Much quicker to launch a sideloaded app on 5.0.4.

  10. I have ADB Fire with result below, but when I click connect nothing seems to happen:

    Package name: org.xbmc.kodi
    Data root: /sdcard/
    File path: /files/.kodi
    Pull folder: C:/Users/(pc name)

    I press save, then connect but doesn’t do anything. If I do “Install apk” it says it is not connected.


  11. how long does the apk install take? I see a green progress bar but it keeps filling up completely then it goes pure white again and then begins “loading” up on green again and again.

  12. Thanks so much!! Just cut the cord from DTV. Have fire stick and love it but there are a couple of shows that I’d like to be able to see and now I can piggy back on my dad’s account so yeah!! Can’t wait until I can figure out how to sideload on my Channelmaster dvr.

    Found an old blue tooth tablet keyboard that worked okay but ended up dowloading the 2.99 toggle mouse. So far works like a charm and even my ludite husband is able to navigate to see his HGTV.

  13. This worked perfect for me, but not I can’t control xfinity go on my fire tv stick using Remote Mouse on my iPhone 5. I can control mouse, but no clicks, remote control mode works not at all. The only other thing that works is the Show Apps command on the Settings menu. It pops up on the TV, but then I have to control it with the ridiculous, minuscule Amz remote controller.

  14. Had this working awesome for the xfinity tv go app and the xfinitty my tv live app. Both were working great for the past month or so until the xfinity tv app stopped working. When I try to launch the app it opens and tries to load but closes out within a few seconds and goes back to the previous launch screen. I have tried clearing the cache and the data as well as restarting the fire stick. Has anyone had this issue or know what the solution may be?

    Thank you!

  15. Success! Thank you. First time sideloading. Scary to contemplate. Easy to do with your instructions. Bought a cheapy TV for the kitchen and could not do without my HGTV. Thank you.

  16. Important followup. I had to download amazon underground to my android phone to be able to use remote mouse for fire tv. I bought it on my prime account. It then showed up on my fire apps. Then I went to amazon on my phone and found my apps on the cloud and installed it on my phone. This part was tricky for me to figure out bc i had first installed another app that would not appear on the fire stick app.

  17. how long does the apk install take? I see a green progress bar but it keeps filling up completely then it goes pure white again and then begins “loading” up on green again and again

      1. I had to figure it out as I went…. coz you don’t open the apk, it wont open,,, you just install it…. this is great if I can get a remote to work….

  18. Tried so many different remote mouse apps to enter credentials to xfinity app, getting frustrated. Have android phone and ipad, tried both methods. Help?

    1. Hi Diane – just updated the blog post with another option that is safer but takes more time and money:
      Another option is to get a real wireless mouse and plug it in your FireTV box (this option is not available for FireStick as there is not US input). One low cost alternative the AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver.

      1. Thanks. I have the Fire Stick and have gotten the suggested app to work but when it comes time to enter my credentials in the xfinity app I select the keyboard option and start typing and nothing comes on screen. The scrolling functions on the remote mouse app do work though. Is there a trick anyone has found to getting the keyboard to register??
        Thanks again!

        1. Hmmm… yeah I remember that was tricky, placing the cursor in the credentials field, the problem is the double clicking. Try using the ‘remote’ option in the mouse app maybe. Good luck!

  19. I’m having the same issues. The RemoteMouse app only allows me to move the arrow-cursor around on screen. I can’t actually select anything.

    I plugged a USB mouse into my Fire TV box and it gives me a circle-cursor and gets me to the login keyboard. But I’m also unable to elect anything using this method.

  20. I was just able to enter my login and password using the official Fire TV remote app on my iPhone 5s.

  21. Is there a certain port number that needs to be used when setting up the connection in adbFire? Defaults to 5555

  22. Excellent! Thank you very much for the easy to follow instructions. Now I don’t need an extra cable box. 🙂

  23. Great step-by-step instructions! Worked perfect first time on my Fire Stick. I have never “side-loaded” anything. After using the “Xfinity TV To Go” app for a little while, I found that not having the TV guide was a bit of a problem. On my phone and tablet I use the “Xfinity TV” app which is much more like the Xfinity user interface on my TV. So I got all adventurous and tried to side-load that app onto my Fire Stick but it didn’t work. The app icon is there on my FireStick but when I click on it the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds then back to the home screen. Has anyone tried this? I got the APK file from here

      1. Hi Toni, I was curious if you ever had an opportunity to explore the issue that Jiminee raised re Xfinity TV. I had the exact same issue. I finally WAS able to load Xfinity TV (version 3.2) through a convoluted process. Had to upload Chrome to the Firestick first and sign into Comcast with my credentials… and then the Xfinity TV app would work. But, not so with the latest version, which is v. 3.9. I experienced what Jiminee described. I wanted to upload v. 3.9, because v.3.2 is very buggy… it crashes a lot, especially when commercial breaks begin. I can’t even get the old Xfinity TV Go app to work anymore. Comcast error messages come up now directing me to download Xfinity TV instead. I read that they phased out the “To Go” app in favor of the newer Xfinity TV app. Again, I’m curious if you’ve experimented at all with Xfintiy TV and what your experience was. Thanks!

      2. HELP! I went to use it today and it says “We’ve retired the TV Go app …. download the new XFINITY TV app”. Nothing works !

        1. Same here! I know Xfinity retired TVGo for a new Xfinity app. I tried to find a .apk file of the new app and tried side loading those, but no luck (I was able to side load and see the side loaded app in the list of apps on my FireTv, but when I went to launch the app the tv goes blank for a few seconds then it goes right back to the app menu)! Please help! Any suggestions???

          1. Yeah… thanks new comcast app! Anyhoo, I’ve updated the post with some alternative ideas for streaming while we figure this one out.

      3. I had the same issue with my new Fire TV stick. I tried the last 4 versions going back to August 8th 2016… but on my 5th attempt using it works!

        1. Unfortunately not, just get to the welcome screen and then it crashes. But I’ve updated the post with some ideas for streaming.

      4. Hi guys, have you figured this out? I tried the newer apps out there, every single version available, but none works. Also Toni, thank you for the guide and foe answering people’s questions. You’re awesome

        1. hi Mike, thanks! Still working on this, Comcast has made this hard for us with their new update (thanks Comcast! most loved brand in America… NOT). But I’ve updated the post with some alternative ideas for streaming while we figure this one out.

    1. same here screen goes blank after launching. Xfinity go app just quit working and now the Xfinity TV app isnt launching, is that to prevent us from using it with the firestick?

    2. I previously had this working flawlessly, but I am now experiencing the app is failing to open. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but no luck. I wonder if any updates to the xfinity tv app are now making the app incompatible with the fire stick.

    3. I also have not gotten this to work and now Comcast has discontinued support for the Xfinity TV Go app. Now, it seems nothing works on my Amazon Fire TV. Any suggestions would be helpful Toni.

      1. Hi Mark – Comcast has made this hard for us… But I’ve updated the post with some ideas for streaming.

  24. I got it to work with Mouse toggle app, thanks a lot for the suggestion. The user interface of the app is terrible though! I can not see the guide, just icons for channels.

  25. I started with Step 1, however I get an error message.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /adbfire.html was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  26. So this has worked phenomenally but unfortunately comcast has withdrawn the Xfinity TV GO app and now has Xfinity TV. This app is even better (in my regards) as it also has listings for each channel. I haven’t been able to make it work though. I found apk versions of the newer app, they install on the firestick, but then will not launch at all. Thoughts?

  27. this only seems to work with the older versions of xfinity tv to go.. since now its just called xfinity tv , none of the latest apk files will work on AFTV.. and the latest xfinity tv i got on my phone is a lot better than the old version i got to work on my fire box. comcast doesnt even allow screen mirroring from your phone to your tv! bullshit!

    if anyone finds a way to get a NEW xfinity tv version to work on amazon fire box/stick. plz share

  28. I used your site to set up Xfinity Go in my AFT. Thank you! Since that app has been discontinued, I have tried to set up the Xfinity TV app. I cant get passed the “Unsupported Browser Link” notification. From my reading, other people seem to have gotten it operational. Any suggestions?

  29. This article is over a year old….will these steps still work for me? I bought a fire stick a few months ago and the only thing that would make it perfect would be if I could put my Xfinity app on there.

    1. The new comcast app is making this pretty hard but I’ve updated the post with some alternative ideas for streaming while we figure this one out.

  30. Downloaded the new one after the TV Go app is retired(although some functions work…live tv doesn’t). Side loaded the regular xfinity tv app, it shows, click on and looks like going to work, then just jumps back to firestick main tv. Let me know if you found something different

    1. Same here. Thanks Comcast for the new/terrible update. Anyway, I’ve updated the post with some alternative ideas for streaming while we figure this one out.

  31. Ok, so I side loaded the Xfinity tv to go adk. installed it on the Fire Stick. I had all the usual problems. I then downloaded to firestick mouse. The mouse works everywhere except in the Xfinity app so I can enter mt username and password. Any Ideas???

  32. I also installed the xfinity TV app. I had the same results as Jiminee. When I launch, the screen turns black and then returns to the launch screen. Any suggestions?

    Also, to install the app, I use the Apps2Fire program from my Android phone. It worked fine for VidAngel, so I don’t think that was the problem.

  33. I am using apk 3.11 and I can’t get it to start on the second gen FireStick. It is loaded and there, just won’t launch. Any suggestions?

  34. Hey Toni, old thread I know but I hope you’re still listening! I haven’t added the mouse thing yet but I did get the Xfinity app to show up on my Fire TV. Does it make sense that I can’t even OPEN it?? I click it, the screen goes black for a second and then….nothing. The icon is just still there.

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