New: Prezi Meeting

Prezi was launched with the idea of one person presenting in from an audience, but when Prezi research went back and talked to their users, they found out that many of them were using Prezi for discussion, as Prezi collects all these ideas into one surface.

The beauty of Prezi is that it allows people to present in a non-linear way. Prezi is more than presentation software, it is a mind-mapping tool, sort of a large limitless whiteboard. This makes the tool ideal for both, creation stage and discussion stage.

New Prezi Meeting allows people to edit and present Prezis real time together with other people, we will have some funny small avatars representing people in this large whiteboard. As Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi comments in this video, you might think Prezi Meeting is a tool for remote collaboration; however it is also very useful for people working in the same room, people talking and adding different things, working together on sharing ideas.

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Don’t Invest Money In “Getting” More Facebook Fans

Interacting with clients that hire me to create a Social Media campaign for them, I often find myself explaining the hen-chicken dilemma. How is the hen-chicken thing related to Social Media? Well, companies and institutions usually approach me with the following challenge: “We want to use social media to interact with our consumers/clients/students/donors?”. Pretty fast, their request translates into “We want more Facebook fans. More Twitter followers”. Question is, what comes first? Chicken or hen? Fans or Branding?

Tactics recommended vary from client to client, from brand to brand; but this is my recommendation from a strategic standpoint: Don’t spend your marketing dollars on incentives or promotions to get more Facebook fans, more Twitter followers, just for the sake of it. Instead, invest your marketing efforts in creating a brand that is worth being a fan, that is worth following. Use your Social Media resources to create a social media community that lives up to the power of your brand, where your fans and followers interact with their favorite brand and strengthen their bond with your brand.

Social media is a just one of the components in your relationship with your consumers. If you have a healthy brand, healthy in business fundamentals (pricing, distribution, etc.) you can do magic with the social media. But it is unfair to expect a turn around in the business just by leveraging on a social media campaign, if your fundamentals are weak. Social media for an unhealthy brand is like having people over and serving the most delicious dinner in a table with only two legs. Go fix that table before you put anything on it. Otherwise, they won’t even get to try your food.

Having a Facebook fan page won’t itself make people become a fan of your brand. Fans of your brand however will find it cool to find their favorite brand on Social Media, and will find it rewarding if what is being offer to them in these platforms is as exciting as their favorite brand. That, generates word of mouth. That, generates business.

iPad & Web Design

Apple’s iPad was finally launched to the market 4 days ago. According to CNET News, 300,000 units sold on Day 1, and many more to be sold in the coming days. Different players are awaiting to see how the iPad will impact their job and/or business. Newspapers are anxious to see if iPad will be the game changer in a declining media publishing industry. Developers are still not certain in the real “size of the prize” behind new apps for iPad, and Web Designers will need to get ready to get the best out of the new device for their clients.

On the latter, now that iPad is out in the market, the online conversation has been intense over the last days.

Although, no one can predict how Wed Design will evolve with the iPad, we are positive that there are many challenges ahead for Wed Designer so they can optimize the interaction between the user and the brands with this new technology.

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iPad: Less Is More

I certainly respect all the people writing reviews on the iPad, they have made a great job comparing features, prices, etc. All the possible variables a tech savvy consumer would look at.

However, my hyphotesis, is that none of the people writing this pro reviews is part of Apple’s target for the iPad. iPad has entered the market to create a new category of user.

iPad will play a similar role to the one Wii played for Nintendo in the video games market. Obviously, if you had given a Wii to gamer, the review would have been awful. But who was Nintendo targeting with Wii? No-gamers, people who thought PS and Xbox controllers were for astronauts. In the case of iPad, Apple will aim to attract a wider audience to their brand. This based on two key benefits: (i) intuitive use and (ii) versatility. Continue reading “iPad: Less Is More”

The Cash Behind Social Gaming: Farmville

Social gaming definitely opens the door to a new market. A few of days ago I ran into this article “Bing Quintupled Its Facebook Fan Base By Bribing People With FarmVille Cash” and it immediately came back to my mind while I was reading this post. In summary, the results of this Bing campaign are strong: 400,000 Bing Fans in Facebook in 24 hours, not bad right?

What are the possibilities of social media video gaming? How high is up? This is a prediction more than a fact. For perspective, taking a look at the Infographics of World of WordCraft, we can see that it took WoW several years to get approximately 11 million users whereas it only took Farmville two months to accomplish the same.

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Get your WordPress site a Favicon

If you want an extra personal touch to your website you should consider adding a Favicon. A favi what?…

An image speaks more than a thousand words, so this is how a Favicon looks like:

They also show up in your bookmarked sites, on the tabs in tabbed browsers, and as the icon for Internet shortcuts on your desktop.

This is how Wikipedia defines a Favicon:

favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a website iconshortcut iconURL icon, or bookmark iconis a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.[1] A web designer can create such an icon and install it into a website (or webpage) by several means, and most graphical web browsers will then make use of it. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a page’s favicon next to the page’s title on the tab. Some programs allow the user to select an icon of his own from the hard drive and associate it with a website.

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YES, WE CAN: Measure Social Media

On April 13th, 2010, the Social Media Breakfast in Seattle held a sold out event at DBB Offices in Downtown Seattle. This time the speaker was Katie Paine, from KD Paine & Partners, presenting her approach to measure the ROI of Social Media.

This is a brief summary of what Katie shared and my personal takeaways to Paine’s “The 7 Steps” introduced during her presentation. My reaction to each of the 7 Steps is based on my experience working in a major multinational corporation, dealing with top management and finance approvals, and providing feedback to advertising agencies. Continue reading “YES, WE CAN: Measure Social Media”

Prezi: Presentations To Shine

Last month I participated in the Northern Voice Conference in Vancouver, BC. There was a lot going on, lots of bloggers, social media experts, photographers, laptops, iPads, but if I have to pick the technological highlight of the conference I would have to choose Prezi, no doubt about it.

Many of the presenters at the Northern Voice Conference abandoned the usual suspects: PowerPoint and Keynote, and opted for a more fluid presentation built on Prezi. They changed slides for visuals that helped tell the story. Isn’t presenting all about storytelling? Well, Prezi delivers great toward the objective of helping the presenter tell the story. Continue reading “Prezi: Presentations To Shine”