Born and raised in Lima, Peru.  Bachelor of Economics from Universidad Del Pacifico. At the age of 19,  Toni was hired  by Procter & Gamble to become the Marketing Expert for Low Income Consumers in Latin America. This was another milestone in Toni’s life experience, as she had the opportunity to understand, learn and care for a parallel world right next corner, families in deep poverty. Toni’s passion for branding and consumer understanding took her on an amazing journey, immerse in the reality of consumer at the Bottom of the Pyramid, including living with them day and night for several weeks.

This expertise allowed Toni to become a key player for Procter & Gamble’s business in Latin America. By 2003, Toni was already in charge of P&G’s Beauty Care business. In this assignment, Toni led a design team that was able to translate consumer expertise into product innovation to improve consumers’ lives. In Mar. 2009, Toni made a tough call, she decided to leave Procter & Gamble and seek new challenges.

Today, Toni lives in Seattle, WA. She graduated from the Master of Communications in Digital Media at the University of Washington, where she researched about digital media as an enabler to drive progress in developing countries. Her passion for developing countries and vulnerable populations added up to her fascination for business and new technological trends brought her to this masters program and later led her to join The Walt Disney Company. Toni currently works at Walt Disney Imagineering and focuses on innovation, social entrepreneurship and new technologies for developing and emerging countries.

Toni’s top 3 fun activities include: practicing yoga, experimenting with new technologies and creating digital art. You can see some of Toni’s photography at the playground.

Photos by: Toni Del Rio

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