Poverty Lab: The ROI of Policy Making

If you have not yet, use 20 minutes of your time to Esther Duflo‘s TED Talk. Her ideas would sound like a no-brainer in the for-profit world. Yes, odd enough, watching this reminded me of my days at P&G, when I would need to meet with Finance to discuss the ROI of my sampling plans for Pantene. Aren’t education, health and lives in general way more important than shampoo? Then, why not take the same discipline to find the most effective plans to do so?

You can find Esther Duflo’s famous article in the New Yorker magazine here.


Photo: 20 minutes outside of Managua – Nicaragua, by Toni Del Rio.


How to use Twitter for Research?

While Facebook is about your friends, Twitter is about following people and topics you are interested in. That said, Twitter can also be used as a research tool.

As some of you know, I am a Lab Associate at Walt Disney Imagineering. My current project involves market research in Nicaragua. The big challenge is that all our team is in the US (Glendale, Seattle, Boston, etc.). The plan is to visit the country in the coming weeks. However, how do we stay in touch with Nicaragua while we are working in the US? How can we learn from what is going on in the country in the meanwhile?. I will use our case to exemplify how to use Twitter as a dynamic research tool. Continue reading “How to use Twitter for Research?”