Looking for a Point&Shoot to complement your DSRL: Sony Cybershot DSC-WX1

This is a 1 minute review of my new point & shoot.

Background: I am a picky photographer, love my DSRL (Nikon D80) and was looking for a portable camera with high quality pictures. I do not like using the flash (I think it ruins colors and it gives you a misleading idea of the light you want to capture in that moment, your picture will not reflect at all what your eyes see).

Why I pickedĀ  this camera:

(1) Lens is 2.4 (wow!!! more than my Nikon D80 current lens) – this means the aperture you can get is the biggest I’ve seen in any Point&Shoot Camera. Thus, you do not need to use flash in low light conditions. See comparison below:

These pictures were taken at 5pm indoors (low light condition)

This is how your picture looks with flash, note artificial shadows and reflects. This is NOT what your eyes are seeing and what you really want to capture.


This picture was taken with NO flash, NO tripod. The sense of ilumination is just what my eyes where capturing at the precise moment.


Note that the aperture your camera can reach is not part usual information stores share to sell the products but from my perspective this is a critical piece of information.

Photo 196

This is where you should look for the max aperture (max. diaphragm) of the camera you are planning to buy. (My bad – quality is not good took it with my Macbook)

(2) “Sweep Panorama” Easy Panoramic Feature : Just sweep your camera to cover all you want you picture to include, just like shooting a video.


Conclusion: I’ve used the new Cybershot for about 20 minutes. So far, I think it is worth the extra money ($313 in Amazon, incl. taxes and shipping).