Android vs. iPhone: How is Android taking over?

While doing some research on “what phone to get next?” (yes, I don’t think I can wait until G-d knows when to get the iPhone5), I bumped into this interesting infographics about the growth of Android. Apparently, the app store is the big winner for iPhone, but with the exponential growth in penetration of Android devices across all segments, it is not crazy to think the apps developers will be soon as interested or more interested in building apps for Android, making the Android App Market as exciting, fun and competitive as Apple’s app store. Continue reading “Android vs. iPhone: How is Android taking over?”

Google vis-a-vis Facebook

This graph summarizes some key highlights of the business evolution of Facebook compared to Google. Now, with this in mind, can you imagine how would a Google + Facebook alliance look like? What will they be able to do with all the information they have? What better services they can offer to users?… Continue reading “Google vis-a-vis Facebook”