New: Prezi Meeting

Prezi was launched with the idea of one person presenting in from an audience, but when Prezi research went back and talked to their users, they found out that many of them were using Prezi for discussion, as Prezi collects all these ideas into one surface.

The beauty of Prezi is that it allows people to present in a non-linear way. Prezi is more than presentation software, it is a mind-mapping tool, sort of a large limitless whiteboard. This makes the tool ideal for both, creation stage and discussion stage.

New Prezi Meeting allows people to edit and present Prezis real time together with other people, we will have some funny small avatars representing people in this large whiteboard. As Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi comments in this video, you might think Prezi Meeting is a tool for remote collaboration; however it is also very useful for people working in the same room, people talking and adding different things, working together on sharing ideas.

Try teamwork the Prezi way! Continue reading “New: Prezi Meeting”

Prezi: Presentations To Shine

Last month I participated in the Northern Voice Conference in Vancouver, BC. There was a lot going on, lots of bloggers, social media experts, photographers, laptops, iPads, but if I have to pick the technological highlight of the conference I would have to choose Prezi, no doubt about it.

Many of the presenters at the Northern Voice Conference abandoned the usual suspects: PowerPoint and Keynote, and opted for a more fluid presentation built on Prezi. They changed slides for visuals that helped tell the story. Isn’t presenting all about storytelling? Well, Prezi delivers great toward the objective of helping the presenter tell the story. Continue reading “Prezi: Presentations To Shine”